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          Green Chemistry

          The Green Chemistry Initiative at the University of Toronto

          February #WomenOfGreenChemistry

          February 11 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. According to UNWOMEN, recent studies have found that women in STEM fields publish less, are paid less for their research, and do not progress as far as men in their reers.

          Girls are often discouraged from pursuing studies in STEM and are made to believe that they are not as smart as men who have natural affinity for the field. Despite these challenges, numerous women have defied these stereotypes and lead ground-breaking research and innovation. Therefore, it is important that their talent and effort be acknowledged in order to bridge the gender gap in STEM.

          Today we honour the inspiring women in green chemistry. Jane Wissinger, Amy nnon, Heather Buckley, Fran Kerton and Anna Zhenova are among many other women who play active roles in advoting for sustainability in order to ensure a better, greener future for us all.

          Let¡¯s take a moment today to reflect on all the powerful women in science who have helped shape the world we live in- it¡¯s the least we n do!

          #WomenOfGreenChemistry #GreenChemistry #WomenInChemistry #WomenInSTEM

          January #WomenOfGreenChemistry: Anna Zhenova

          Anna Zhenova (@AnnaZhenova) is the founder and CEO of Green Rose Chemistry, a chemil consultancy based in York, UK. Green Rose is bringing a brand-new service to the EU in response to a growing market need, empowering companies to adopt greener solvents by providing unbiased expertise rooted in cutting-edge computational science. By making green solvents more accessible, Green Rose is accelerating the transition to a safer, bio-based economy.

          Anna earned her Ph.D. from the University of York, where she took part in the industrially partnered RenewChem program at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (@GreenChemYork). Before beginning her Ph.D., Anna worked at the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (@the_gc3), a non-profit consortium promoting proactive adoption of green chemistry in industry. Anna earned her M.Sc. from rnegie Mellon University with research in low-cost ionic liquids for rbon pture, and her B.Sc. in chemistry from the lifornia Institute of Technology, where she researched environmentally-friendly talysis in the Grubbs Group.

          Outside of work, Anna leads initiatives to support early-reer sustainable researchers and promote green chemistry edution. While at York, she co-chaired greenSTEMS (@greenstemsUoY), engaging students, staff, and the lol community around sustainable science topics. While at the GC3, she directed communitions and outreach at NESSE (@greenscientists), serving as part of the leadership team of an international community of early-reer scientists. More recently, she has co-organized a symposium on waste-based feedstocks for the ACS GC&E conference, and won a Yale-UNIDO prize with her video explaining green chemistry research at the GCCE.

          By applying her green solvents expertise and industrial knowledge, Anna is bringing chemistry out of the lab and helping companies move into the bio-economy. We want to honour Anna Zhenova for being an inspiring #WomenInGreenChemistry!

          #GreenChemistry #WomenInChemistry #WomenInSTEM

          December #WomenOfGreenChemistry: Fran Kerton

          Dr. Frances Kerton (@ChemMouse) is a Professor of Green Chemistry at Memorial University of Newfoundland, where she established the Centre for Green Chemistry and talysis at Memorial University in collaboration with Dr. Chris Kozak. Her research group explores environmentally-friendly chemistry through the development of talysts, replacement of traditional solvents, and use of renewable feedstocks from biomass materials. Dr. Kerton¡¯s research has received many awards, including the 2019 nadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Award from the Chemil Institute of nada!

          Dr. Kerton earned a BSc in chemistry from the University of Kent. She then moved to the University of Sussex to earn her PhD in chemistry. Dr. Kerton completed her postdoctoral work at the University of British Columbia before returning to the U.K. for an ademic position at the University of York. She joined the department of chemistry at Memorial University of Newfoundland as an assistant professor in 2005, with promotions to associate and full professor in 2010 and 2015, respectively.

          Through designing greener chemil processes and finding innovative ways to incorporate renewable feedstocks and waste materials from the seafood industry, Dr. Kerton is leading the way in sustainable research. We want to honour Fran Kerton for being an inspiring #WomenInGreenChemistry!

          #GreenChemistry #WomenInChemistry #WomenInSTEM

          November #WomenOfGreenChemistry: Heather Buckley (@greensafewater_)

          Dr. Heather Buckley (@greensafewater_) is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at the University of Victoria. Her interdisciplinary research team tackles challenges at the interface of green chemistry, civil engineering, and public health, centering their efforts around creating tools for better monitoring of drinking water contaminants and the design of safer alternative technologies in water treatment. The GCI was excited to have Dr. Buckley as an invited speaker at the annual symposium in 2019!

          Heather Buckley earned a BSc and MSc in chemistry from the University of British Columbia. She earned a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of lifornia Berkeley as an International Fullbright Science & Technology Fellow. Dr. Buckley completed her postdoctoral work as the Associate Director of International Partnerships at the UC Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, was a Green Talents Fellow at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy in Freiburg, Germany, and was an ITRI Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She then joined the University of Victoria as an Assistant Professor in January 2018.

          Through designing greener technologies and tools for environmental monitoring Dr. Buckley is helping communities and industrial partners ensure the safety of their drinking water. We want to honour Heather Buckley for being an inspiring #WomenInGreenChemistry!

          #GreenChemistry #WomenInChemistry #WomenInSTEM

          October #WomenOfGreenChemistry: Amy nnon (@Amy_nnon)

          Amy nnon is the co-founder and executive director of Beyond Benign (@beyondbenign), a non-profit organization dedited to green chemistry edution. Beyond Benign is transforming chemistry edution through fostering a green chemistry edution community which empowers and supports edutors and students from elementary to graduate school to implement green chemistry and sustainable science into the classroom. A major project led by Beyond Benign is the Green Chemistry Commitment, a commitment for college and universities to implement and improve green chemistry and toxicology edution for all chemistry students. This project has been incredibly successful, with 62 commitment signers from 7 different countries ¨C including the chemistry department (@chemuoft) at University of Toronto!

          Amy nnon earned a bachelor¡¯s degree majoring in Chemistry from Saint Anselm College, a M.S. in chemistry from University of Massachusetts Boston, and the world¡¯s first Ph.D. in Green Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She worked as an Assistant Professor of Green Chemistry and Director of Outreach and Community Edution at the Center for Green Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Lowell until 2007, before co-founding Beyond Benign. Amy was awarded the 2012 EPA New England Environmental Merit award for her leadership and work on green chemistry edution. She also serves on the editorial board for the journal Green Chemistry Letters & Reviews.

          Through outreach, resource development, training, and more, Amy has been leading the growth of a community of sustainable chemists and edutors to improve the health of society and the environment. We want to honour Amy nnon for being an inspiring #WomenInGreenChemistry!

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          Women of Green Chemistry

          The GCI and WICTO are excited to launch the #WomenOfGreenChemistry mpaign, celebrating an influential and inspiring woman in the field of green chemistry edution, technology, and research each month! Check back each month to learn more about these incredible women leading the way in green chemistry!

          Introducing #WomenOfGreenChemistry

          Our first highlight is Jane Wissinger fro the University of Minnesota. Click here to read more about it.

          Green Marketing in the Plastic Era: Honesty or Hype?

          The impact of human activity on climate and the environment has moved beyond a mainstream headline. It has come to the point where we are considered the dominant influence on our ecosystems and geology, so much so that there is a buzzword for it: ¡®Anthropocene¡¯. Within the Anthropocene, our greatest challenge is lessening the effects of our immense footprint on Earth, mainly used by consumption of fossil fuels and our obsession with plastics. Consequently, there has been a considerable spike in eco-friendly or ¡®green¡¯ marketing of numerous products labeled as ¡®organic¡¯, ¡®biodegradable¡¯, or ¡®sustainable¡¯ ranging from fuels, rs, skinre, all the way to clothing. One common advertising theme for several everyday products is post-consumer recycled materials and their incorporation into the design and production of such commodities. But to what extent are the advertised claims legitimate and whether they allow for a circular economy (e.g. make, use, recover)? Here, we will cover the chemistry of popular sustainable alternatives to plastics and compare them to their non-sustainable counterparts to assess whether the ¡®green¡¯ hype is valid.

          Click here to check out our latest blog written by Nina-Frances Farac to find out!

          2019 Symposium schedule now online!

          Keep up to date with our 2019 GCI symposium titled ¡°Frontiers in Green Chemistry: Challenges in the Anthropocene¡±. The symposium schedule is now online! Check it out here.

          Announcing the 2019 Symposium!

          The GCI is proud to announce our 2019 symposium titled "Frontiers in Green Chemistry" Challenges in the Anthropocene" will be held at the University of Toronto on May 16th and 17th. Also included is a crash source on the fundamentals of Green Chemistry. More information n be found here.

          Inherently Safer Chemistry for Accident Prevention - Green Chemistry Principle # 12

          The Green Chemistry Initiative explains how the choice of inherently safer chemistry n minimize the potential for chemil accidents.

          Read the corresponding blog post and check out our other videos on the principles of green chemistry at our YouTube channel.

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          Real-Time Analysis for Pollution Prevention - Green Chemistry Principle # 11

          The Green Chemistry Initiative explains some real-time analytil techniques which n help reduce hazards in chemil reactions.

          Read the corresponding blog post and check out our other videos on the principles of green chemistry at our YouTube channel.

          Highlights of the 2018 GCI Symposium

          Want to tch up on the 2018 GCI Symposium? One of our members, Rachel Hems, wrote a newsletter article for the Chemil Institute of nada highlighting talks from invited speakers and interactive se studies. Click here to find out more.

          Upcoming Seminar: Quantifying Environmental Contaminants at Environment and Climate Change nada

          On May 8th, 2018 Magali Houde from Environment and Climate Change nada will be coming to the University of Toronto to discuss the development of analytic techniques to quantify environmental contaminants in aquatic systems. se studies include threatened populations in the St. Lawrence River ecosystem as well as trends in chemil contamination in the nadian Arctic. To learn more about the seminar please visit our seminar series page.

          Early Bird Registration for the GCI Symposium is Extended!

          Are you planning on attending the GCI Symposium but haven't finalized your plans? You are in luck, the Early Bird Registration has been extended to Sunday April 22nd, 2018! Register now here!

          For full details, please visit our Symposium page.

          Announcing the 2018 Symposium!

          The GCI is proud to announce our 2018 symposium will be held at the University of Toronto this year, and will also include a crash source on the fundamentals of Green Chemistry. More information n be found here.

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          Green Chemistry 101

          One of our members, Rachel Hems, wrote an article for the Let's Talk Science online platform Curiocity lled Green Chemistry 101. It highlights the basics of green chemistry, sustainability, and how you n incorporate green chemistry in and out of the lab! More information n be found here.

          Design for Degradation - Green Chemistry Principle # 10

          The Green Chemistry Initiative explains Designing For Degradation: synthesizing molecules that degrade to harmless molecules once their desired function is complete.

          Read the corresponding blog post and check out our other videos on the principles of green chemistry at our YouTube channel.

          Ecotalysis: Harnessing Phytoextraction for Chemil Transformations

          By Karlee Bamford, Treasurer for the GCI

          What is ecotalysis? I had never heard this term before until reading a recent publition from Grison and coworkers in the RSC journal Green Chemistry entitled ¡°Ecotalyzed Suzuki cross coupling of heteroaryl compounds¡±.1 In this work, the authors perform the familiar Suzuki cross-coupling of arylboronic acids (Figure 1) with heteroaryl halides. However, they use a thoroughly unfamiliar palladium talyst: the common water hyacinth.

          Figure 1. The general reaction for Suzuki cross-coupling (Ar = substituted phenyl, thiophene, or indole groups).

          ทดลองใช้ฟรี เกมยิงปลา

          talysis - Green Chemistry Principle # 9

          The Green Chemistry Initiative explains how talysts work, and why they are so useful in making chemil reactions more efficient.

          Check out our other videos on the principles of green chemistry at our Youtube Channel

          Upcoming Seminar: Sustainability at Sanofi Pasteur

          On July 11th 2017 Mr. Douglas Kube of Sanofi Pasteur will be coming to the University of Toronto to discuss sustainability at Sanofi Pasteur. To learn more about the seminar please visit our seminar series page.

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